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What We Offer

Sleep Therapy

Starting sleep therapy can be a difficult process but our experienced and licensed respiratory staff will guide you on your journey to a better nights rest. Our respiratory staff are able to answer all of your sleep therapy related questions and can assist you with your sleep therapy device, mask fittings, accessory options, and ensuring that you are meeting the compliance needs of your insurance company. Our patient currently have an average compliance of 85%, over 30% higher than the national average*!

Schedule an appointment with our staff to help you with your sleep needs today!

Walkers, Wheelchairs, & Lift Chairs

Finding the right lift chair, wheelchair, or walker that fits you and meets your mobility needs is a very important part of staying independent, active, and safe. Let the mobility experts at Bayside Home Medical assist you in finding the right piece of equipment. They specialize in custom ordering products to your specific needs, fitting the correct cushion and accessories to meet all of your mobility needs.

Fitting & Assistance

You can trust the experts at Bayside Home Medical to assist you in finding the right fit on the most personal products and equipment. Bayside Home Medical's fitters will work with you one-on-one to find  compression garments, braces, bathroom aids, and other medical products to help during the healing process.

The fitters at Bayside Home Medical are skilled in fitting the correct products that provide support, healing, and comfort. See Bayside Home Medical today to get started!

Bayside Home Medical is accredited by NASI

Bayside Home Medical is a member of the VGM Group.

Bayside Home Medical is a member of the The Midwest Association for Medical Equipment Services & Supplies.

Please contact Bayside Home Medical or visit our Sturgeon Bay location for assistance.